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Conflict Resolution & Equitable Agreement In Williston Park & Commack, NY

Limit your exposure to the legal system by using the conflict resolution services of Divorce Mediation Center of Long Island, in Williston Park & Commack, New York. By using our divorce mediation services, you can expedite the legal process while reaching an equitable agreement, more likely to be accepted by all involved.

Getting Started

An appointment will be made for the couple to be seen for a brief consultation, at no charge. Questions about mediation will be answered. If you choose, you may begin the first session of mediation immediately following the consultation.


Sessions are usually 1 hour. The couple and the mediator generally meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and this can be modified as needed. The entire process averages approximately 6-8 sessions. It may be fewer if there are no children, or it may be more if there are other complicating issues to resolve.

Memorandum of Understanding

While mediation is not legally binding, understandings are reached on all issues necessary for a separation agreement or a divorce. All laws, acts, and guidelines are followed. The mediator prepares a plain language memorandum of understanding, setting forth all the terms needed for a separation or divorce with the exception of legal language and signatures.
Divorce Documents - divorce counseling in Williston Park, NY


The couple may then submit the memo to their attorney(s) or a neutral attorney, who prepare a formal, legally-binding separation agreement, which may also be used as the basis of a divorce. Mediation is not intended to resolve past conflicts that may have led to separation or divorce. Rather, the process seeks to explore options so that both parties may put the past behind them and concentrate on the future.
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